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We all use credit cards, at times they are useful financial instruments. They make shopping for goods and services online, or in brick and mortar establishments quick and easy. They can offer rewards/points for the everyday purchases. They can help to improve your credit rating. And we all know what good credit means. They also enable you to pay for your purchases without cash on hand. So basically, credit cards - a lot of benefits in one small package. But with that said not all credit cards are right for everyone. Each of us has different credit requirements and different needs. The following are some ways to find a credit card that’s right for your unique situation.

Bad Credit History – a card specially designed to help you with your credit history.

Worrying about your credit problems is not going to solve them. Credit cards for individuals with Bad Credit or simply put, less than perfect credit can help solve or fix your credit problems. Simply qualifying for a credit card will not help you build, re-build or re-establish your credit. The key to improving your credit rating and subsequent credit history is making on-time payments with all of your creditors and maintaining your account balances well below the credit limits. This is the key to changing your financial future, and fixing your credit history

Carrying a Credit Card Balance - You should focus on finding a card with a low interest rate.

A uk credit card with a constant low interest rate will result in lower monthly payments. The interest paid each month will be lower and a larger portion of the monthly payment will go towards the balance. But carrying a credit card balance is never a good idea, and your best longer term solution is pay off all your credit card balances. See our category on ‘Low Interest Rate Cards’ to compare credit cards that offer cards with low(er) interest rates.

Looking to Transfer a Balance - Search for a card that offers a long term, low rate transfer offer.

A credit card balance transfer is simply transferring part of a balance, or the entire balance to another card. Now ideally you transfer from a high interest rate card to a card that is offering a better interest rate. Many credit card companies offer 0% balance transfer rates for a specified period of time. Many offer 0% balance transfer offer exceeding 30 months… A balance transfer can dramatically cut your total monthly payments and eliminate your interest on that debt, at least for a while. While considering a balance transfer offer you must fully understand the terms of the transfer, including any fees that might be placed on the balances transferred. The CreditCardsMadeSimple web site allows you to compare a number of leading balance transfer credit cards in the uk. You can view these cards at Balance Transfer Credit Cards.

If you frequently shop - look for low purchase rate cards.

Most major credit card companies in the UK offer credit cards with low or 0% introductory purchase interest rates. These low rates allow you to delay paying for these purchases. Now obviously when the introductory rate ends, the prevailing credit card interest rate becomes the monthly interest rate. So when choosing a purchase rate credit card it’s critical to understand the prevailing interest rates, as these are what you will be paying. Find out more on 0% Purchase Credit Cards

If you are looking for rewards – seek out cards with rewards tied to your spending.

The fastest growing segment of the credit card industry is rewards card. Where you get ‘rewarded’ for you credit card spending. Rewards range from airline miles, Clubcard points, avios points, travel rewards, cash rewards, and nectar points to name a few. A rewards card is most suitable for people that pay off their monthly card balances each and every month. If you carry a monthly credit card balance, the interest rate charges that you'll likely incur on will, more than likely, offset the rewards that you can earn with the credit card, negating any real net benefit of the rewards program. Find the rewards you are looking for Rewards Credit Cards.

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Credit Card Reviews

I transferred a major portion of my existing credit card balance to the Barclaycard 18 month Balance Transfer card, and I couldn’t be happier with the card! The Barclaycard 18 month Balance Transfer card had everything I wanted in a new card…thanks Barclay!

Neel Tidrow - Southhampton

I was looking for a long-term balance transfer card, and creditcardsmadesimple showed me the Lloyds 34 Month Balance Transfer credit card. The low balance transfer fee combined with the 34 months of 0% interest was a great fit for what I was looking for. The creditcardsmadesimple site is easy to use, provides easy to understand terms, and simplifies the process of searching for a new credit card.

S. Brooks - Sheffield

I wanted a credit card that offered outstanding purchase and refund protection. The American Express family of credit cards offered that protection.

Abby Grinwin - London

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In the many credit card website in the UK, I was confused with the dazzling amount of information. I just wanted a easy to read, straight forward list of credit cards. allowed me to find the credit card I was searching for.

Mary Second - Londoon